Valentine's give your heart a beet

We are glad to announce our new flavor for February, the BEET HUMMUS

Beet is a very valuable food for our body, it lowers blood pressure, boosts your stamina, is rich in vitamin C & B, has fiber, potassium and manganese that take good care of your nerve and muscle function, along with maintaining your bones, liver, kidneys and pancreas in good shape. (and for those beer lovers, yes...its a de-tox, purifies your blood and liver)

Pic taken at our hood at Nido Antigueño (4a Calle Oriente # 5 - 1.5 Blocks from the park)

Look at that color, it makes us happy that it reflects the creativity of good healthy food here, and who knows, maybe it will be a regular flavor at the store, but that depends on you...our Summu lovers.

We wish you a very good valentine's day, and we hope you don't buy the regular chocolate & balloons....but share a meaningful experience with the ones you love.