The Beggining

Dani first did our hummus around 10 years ago, at our home in Guatemala City. Our family of 5, consists of 4 men, so our appetite was always eager to eat a lot, and we just never got tiemred of hummus.  

When the time came for my brother to live on his own, I didn't want to lose the hummus, so I drafted down my brother's recipe, and started to make it. At the time I was working at a beverages company, and had access to very cheap prices of beer. So I did gatherings with beer & hummus...and everyone always ended up licking the plate (literally). Dani was doing it also at his one day in 2015, we just said "fuck it, let's try selling it".

We started with plastic containers and a very cheap version of our name & logo. We were named "Dani's & Toni's".



Obviously, only hummus was a tough sell, we knew it was that good, but people needed a sidekick for it. So the Pita Bread was born. 

We started doing delivery & venues in Zone 4 "4 grados Norte" on sundays called the Flea Markets.


After lumching our mini adventure, and seeig that people liked it after trying it, we felt we neede a place to call our own for hummus....and that will be our next post. The Prologue. 

Stay tuned! We use very carefully our blog, and write honest and to the point our products. You can check our menu for updates, instagram and facebook for more!

Have a nice beggining of the week!